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Unparalleled Attention to:

Quality.  Flavor.  Consistency.  Service.


We're farmers first, and are committed to providing the highest quality, most flavorful, California-grown organic and conventional fruit.

  • Speciality and traditional citrus.

  • Heirloom and novel grapes.


We're devoted to concierge-level customer service, and promise to:

  • Honor all our commitments

  • Listen to our customers' needs and provide transparent communication

  • Only sell what we can deliver


Hands On and Knee Deep

We have farmed the rich California soils and worked the packing sheds for generations. We have a personal connection to every orchard, vineyard, grove and field where our fruit is grown, and oversee the packing of every load we ship.

That's how we can consistently deliver the quality fruit and service you-and your consumers-expect, and why we'll limit our company growth so we can maintain these commitments.

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